Vary Your Reps With These Methods

Lose And Tone

While barbell back squats are generally synonymous with booty gains, changing your rep range or style will help increase your training volume and can be a fun way to mix things up, Halse says.

AMRAP sets (as many reps as possible) are a popular way to add volume and variety. This involves performing as many reps as possible with proper form of a certain exercise

Burn out sets or drop sets are another option, Halse says. Perform an exercise with a specific amount of weight for a certain amount of reps. Then, drop the weight a certain amount (for instance, lower the weight by 50 percent) and repeat the exercise until you fatigue or “burn out” the muscle.

Drop sets are excellent for depleting your muscle’s glycogen stores, which leads to acidosis, damaging your muscle fibers, according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE). It may sound scary, but acidosis is actually a good thing for muscle growth, as it encourages your body to repair the damaged fibers, growing larger and stronger muscle in its place.

Another way to play around with an exercise is to increase the time under tension, according to ACE. As in a drop set, increasing your muscle’s time under tension (TUT) increases the amount of damage and growth in your muscle fibers.

Boosting your booty’s TUT involves increasing the amount of time your glutes contract against resistance. So, if you’re performing a squat, for instance, you can lower toward the ground at a slower pace (think 3 to 4 seconds) to increase the time your glutes are under tension. You can also pause at the bottom of the squat for a moment or two.

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