Plank Mistakes That Make the Move Ineffective (and Potentially Painful)

Looking Up

Looking up at a mirror or clock during your plank may help you check your form or stay on track, but it can also wreak havoc on your form, Whitney says. The key to a plank lies in keeping your entire body in a straight line from head to hips to heels.

Glancing at a clock or mirror on the wall will throw your body out of alignment. And holding your head in this position for even a few planks a week can cause soreness in your neck and tightness in the upper back muscles, Whitney says.

Fix It

Keep your neck long and eyes on your hands (in forearm plank) or straight down in front of you (in high plank). This will help prevent the neck from craning and trap muscles from bunching up.

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Philip “FitGuy46”

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Hi I’m a recent grad from NASM. I am a Certified Personal Trainer. I specialize in fitness assessment, program design and weight training. I want to help people who have had difficulties in the past incorporating fitness as a lifetime goal. My desire is to help potential clients see fitness as a lifetime endeavor. My philosophy is that fitness should be sustainable and a lifelong goal. My plan as a fitness coach is to teach my clients to make and incorporate fitness as a permanent part of their lives to be engaging, and for the outcome to continuously be revolving into a better physical shape. Make it a GREAT DAY!!! Philip “FitGuy46”

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