Add Intervals to Your Walks

Pick up the pace and increase your calorie burn by adding intervals to your walking.

High-intensity interval training might seem like it’s only for high-impact workouts, but you can incorporate it into any form of exercise. It’s the perfect way to reap the benefits of longer, steady-state walks in a fraction of the time.

You won’t even have to go full speed ahead if you don’t want to. You can add intervals to your walking by going uphill or simply picking up the pace just a bit (don’t hold onto the handrails if you’re on the treadmill, though!). Putting forth that little bit of extra effort burns more calories and challenges your muscles in a new way. And over time, that can add up to an improvement in your cardiovascular fitness and perhaps even lead to weight loss.

Let’s get started on your health and fitness journey. Contact me or click on my link for your free consultation.

Published by FitGuy46

Hi I’m a recent grad from NASM. I am a Certified Personal Trainer. I specialize in fitness assessment, program design and weight training. I want to help people who have had difficulties in the past incorporating fitness as a lifetime goal. My desire is to help potential clients see fitness as a lifetime endeavor. My philosophy is that fitness should be sustainable and a lifelong goal. My plan as a fitness coach is to teach my clients to make and incorporate fitness as a permanent part of their lives to be engaging, and for the outcome to continuously be revolving into a better physical shape. Make it a GREAT DAY!!! Philip “FitGuy46”

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