Motivational Quotes

The Miracle Of The World

“This world, after all our science and sciences, is still a miracle: wonderful, inscrutable, magical and more, to whosoever will think it.” Thomas Carlyle

“We have learned a lot about the world we live in, from the geology of the land beneath us, to the biology of the life that surrounds us, to the physics of the sky above us. We know how diamonds are formed, how waterfalls were created, how birds are able to migrate for thousands of miles, and much more.

Knowing these things, however,doesn’t necessarily explain the world to us. We can understand the how, but we still don’t know the why. Searching for the why is the occupation of a lifetime.” Linda Picone

I am awed by the world I live in, and the more I know about it, the greater my sense of wonder about it.

Good morning fitness family!!! Please give some thought to today’s motivational quote.

Philip A.K.A. FitGuy46

Published by FitGuy46

Hi I’m a recent grad from NASM. I am a Certified Personal Trainer. I specialize in fitness assessment, program design and weight training. I want to help people who have had difficulties in the past incorporating fitness as a lifetime goal. My desire is to help potential clients see fitness as a lifetime endeavor. My philosophy is that fitness should be sustainable and a lifelong goal. My plan as a fitness coach is to teach my clients to make and incorporate fitness as a permanent part of their lives to be engaging, and for the outcome to continuously be revolving into a better physical shape. Make it a GREAT DAY!!! Philip “FitGuy46”

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